Feeder Schools

By the time they reach Hillsboro, many students will be in their tenth year as an IB learner.  Currently, both middle schools in the Hillsboro Cluster and two of the seven elementary schools are IB World Schools, providing the only K-12 IB Continuum in Tennessee. Each of the non-IB elementary schools has a focus or philosophy that has much in common with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and is good preparation for the MYP.


Throughout the school year, teachers from across the cluster get together to share ideas and work on curriculum alignment. This makes for smoother transitions at middle school and high school and helps ensure that Hillsboro Cluster students have a coherent, consistent K-12 experience.

Hillsboro Cluster News

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J. T. Moore Middle School
4425 Granny White Pike
Principal: Dr. Gary Hughes
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PTO Website

Carter-Lawrence Elementary School
1118 12th Avenue South
Principal: Inta Sanford
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Glendale Elementary School
800 Thompson Avenue
Principal: Jeanna Collins
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Julia Green Elementary School
3500 Hobbs Road
Principal: Dr. Andy Davis
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Percy Priest Elementary School
1700 Otter Creek Road
Principal: Melinda Williams
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Waverly Belmont Elementary
2301 10th Avenue South
Principal: Susan Blankenship
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West End Middle School
3529 West End Avenue
Principal: Dr. Russell Young
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Eakin Elementary
2500 Fairfax Avenue
Principal: Dr. Matthew Nelson
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Sylvan Park Elementary
4801 Utah Avenue
Principal: Robin Elder
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