Hillsboro Class of 2018

The big year has arrived!

We’ll be posting news, events, forms, etc. related to senior year on this page in order to help you keep things straight this year. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or want to volunteer to help out!

Your Senior Parent Reps,
Carey Morgan
Carol Ballenger
Evelyn Graham
Ginny McLean
Devika Reed

College Visits & Exam Exemptions

There has been some confusion about whether college tour visits count as absences for the purpose of determining whether or not a senior is exempt from taking semester exams. They do NOT count as absences as long as proper documentation is provided. Here’s what the MNPS student handbook has to say:

Seniors may be exempt from semester examinations if they meet the following criteria:

» Senior exam exemptions are determined by individual class attendance by semester. Students
must not miss more than three (3) classes on a block schedule or six (6) classes on a traditional
schedule. All absences (excused and unexcused) count toward exam exemption unless they fall
within an exception. Absences due to college visits or recognized religious holidays (regularly
observed by persons of the child’s faith), will not be counted against the student, as long as
proper documentation is provided.
Students on school related field trips are not counted as
absent from school.
» The student must have a minimum average of a 90 in the course for the semester average.
» The student must not have been suspended out of school or expelled during the semester.
» Seniors MAY NOT be exempt from exams that require End of Course testing.

Seniors who are eligible for exemption cannot be required to take an exam; however, if the senior
elects to take the exam, the grade must count and be recorded. Under no circumstances should a
senior be required to come on exam day to find out if he/she is exempt. If a senior is exempt from
his/her final exam, the two nine-week grades will be averaged together to make up the semester
grade, and an E (Exempt) will be placed in the gradebook for the final exam grade.