Dr. Joshua Swartz

Dr. Joshua Swartz is the lead teacher of the Interdisciplinary Science & Research Program at Hillsboro High School. He earned his B.A. in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Capital University in 2007 and his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Vanderbilt University in 2011. Upon graduation, he served as a Post-Doctoral Scientist for the Center for Science Outreach at Vanderbilt and helped to roll out the ISR program at Hillsboro in 2011. Since then, he has served as the lead teacher for the ISR program, Academy of Global Health and Science lead teacher (since 2014), and science content chair (since 2015). In 2015, Dr. Swartz was a MNPS Blue Ribbon Teacher recipient and was also a finalist for MNPS Academy Lead Teacher of the Year.

Email: josh.swartz@mnps.org
Twitter: @drswartzisr
Website: http://drswartz.weebly.com/